X-Light Co

Our holidays could not have been better. Your lights sure added a lot of fun and joy to our family parties. Our grandchildren laughed in delight over all the lights.

-Salt Lake City

Wow! Thanks for all your hard work. Our home was the talk of the neighborhood. Everyone asked who did our lights.

-Salt Lake City

You have lit our hotel for many years now, and we have always had numerous compliments from our patrons on the festive look of our grounds. The lights and trees look every bit as good as Temple Square and add a dimension to the feel of our property that is needed and appreciated.

-Deer Valley

We took all our holiday pictures of our family in front of our house this year. All the lights on and around it made for a great picture and great memories. Thanks again.

-Park City

We really enjoyed your services this past year. You did everything you said you would, including providing everything and putting everything up and taking everything down. It couldn't have been easier for me and it sure looked awesome! Thanks Again.

-Salt Lake City

We've had you do our lights for many years now, and it always looks great. You pay attention to detail and everything is always professional. That's why we keep asking you back. Merry Christmas!


Everyone in our Home Owner's Association praised all the lights. Wow, so many. And the cost was below what we had expected and even under other bids. Thanks again for such a wonderful holiday season.

-Salt Lake City

Our wedding could not looked better. The lights were a last minute decision and we are grateful we called you. The pictures look great with the lights in the background. Thanks for coming so quickly and putting everything up and taking everything down so quickly. You will have our business in the future.